Other Platforms

Mozilla has stopped official support and development for Firefox for Maemo. The last official release for Maemo was Firefox 7. Nightly builds might be available for newer releases, but they are not officially supported.

Windows Mobile
Firefox has stopped development for Windows Mobile indefinitely. Thank you to our contributors for their continued support and feedback. The last release for Windows Mobile was 1.1 alpha 1 (download). We have stopped developing for Microsoft's mobile platform because Windows Phone 7 no longer allows developers to build C++ applications like Firefox, and Microsoft's new policies ban open-source software like Firefox from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Mozilla have no plans to release the full Firefox browser for iOS. The iOS SDK agreement requires apps to use Apple's own JavaScript engine (or none at all, like Opera Mini which downloads pre-rendered pages from Opera's servers and cannot run JavaScript code in the client). Because of this, we have no supported way to distribute Firefox's rendering and JavaScript engine to iPhone users.
However, you can download Firefox Home for iPhone, an iOS app that uses Firefox Sync to deliver Firefox bookmarks, browsing history, and tabs to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
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Palm webOS
Mozilla currently have no plans to develop Firefox for the Palm Pre/webOS platform, but there is an unofficial port by Dave Townsend.

Due to the Java-based development system and inability to build C/C++ apps, the full Firefox browser will not be available on the Blackberry OS. However, a future version of Firefox Home may be available for Blackberry.

Mozilla currently have no plans to develop a full Firefox browser for the Symbian platform. See Mobile/Symbian for notes from an inactive project to port Firefox to Symbian. However, a future version of Firefox Home may be available for Symbian.

Feature phones
Mozilla has targeted our development for smartphones. Standard mobile or feature phones are not powerful enough to support a great Firefox user experience.

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